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Firestone OTR Tires  Loader/Dozer Front Axle Bias Tire Inflation

In Load and Carry Operations
Maintaining optimum inflation pressure in front axle loader tires is extremely important in preventing casing fatigue conditions. Inflation must be matched to the load and operating conditions of the loader and maintained at that level to prevent overdeflection. Overdeflection is caused by underinflation, overloading or a combination of both. This condition may weaken and break body cords creating flex breaks or casing break-up.

Bridgestone/Firestone Off Road Tire Company policy is to reduce rated tire carrying capacity by 20% when tires are used for load and carry. We recommend that the front axle tire pressure be increased 15 psi higher than the rated inflation pressure with no increase in load carrying capacity.

In Normal Use - Dig, Load and Cleanup
We recommend that the front tire air pressure be increased up to 15 psi higher than the rated inflation pressure.

In normal use a good "rule of thumb" to use is as follows:

Through 23.5-25 Increase ~  5 psi higher than rated
Through 29.5-29 Increase ~ 10 psi higher than rated
Larger Sizes Increase ~ 15 psi higher than rated

For example in a normal use operation you may recommend a 5 psi increase on a 23.5-25. However, if in normal use overdeflection is occurring with the 5 psi increase, then recommend a 10 to 15 psi increase on that 23.5-25.

1.  If front tires are running at 15 psi higher than rated air pressures, and casing fatigue removals are occurring, then the tires are running beyond their design limits. Running tires beyond their design limits automatically voids the tire warranty. A higher ply rated tire may be required.
2.  Be sure valve hardware, rims, and "O" rings are satisfactory for the increase in pressure.
3.  Before inflating beyond 15 psi higher than rated, please consult with BFOR engineering.

If you have any other questions concerning loader tire inflation or maintenance, contact your local Bridgestone/Firestone Off Road Tire representative, TIREX, Inc.