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  Firestone OTR Tires  Advantages of Off Road Radial Tires

Greater Resistance to Cut Penetration
Multiple plies of steel belts act as shields which provide more resistance to puncturing. This resistance can be up to 80% greater than bias ply tires. This translates into reduced down time, fewer repairs, and greater driving safety.

Greater Wear Resistance
The steel belts of a radial tire restrain tread movement, reducing tread wear.

High Speed Durability/Higher Load Capacity
Excessive heat build-up is a major contributing factor in premature tire failure. Radial tires provide greater resistance to heat due to reduced tread movement, advanced construction techniques, and no friction between plies. This technology results in a higher Ton Mile-per-Hour (TMPH) rating, so you can carry more load at higher speeds with a radial tire. Longer distance haul capabilities is another advantage of radial tire construction.

Greater Traction and Flotation
The steel belts in a radial tire allow flat uniform contact with the ground, providing improved traction and flotation.

Improved Riding Comfort

Improved Fuel Economy
Reduced rolling resistance comes from rigid tread in a radial tire providing even contact with the ground. This reduction in friction translates into fuel savings.

Consult your local Bridgestone/Firestone Off Road Tire representative, Tirex LLC, for more information on how radial tires can improve your operation.